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Accepting Resumes


The Full Time ITEs for onsite support will provide/accomplish the following:

  • Engineering and technical structural, mechanical, and electrical support of surface ship availability integrated testing and work certification in accordance with requirements outlined in JFMM, U.S. Fleet Forces Command, Commander Naval Regional Maintenance Centers (CNRMC), and Directives.
  • Support engineering and technical structural, mechanical, and electrical expertise in planning, development, and execution oversight of surface ship availability integrated test plans and work certification. This expertise shall consist of the following technical specialties: Naval Architect/Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, and C4I/Combat Systems.
  • Provide oversight of surface ship repair planning, development and execution of availability Integrated Total Ship Test Plans (ITSTP). This oversight includes review of contractor-developed deliverables and review, revision, development, management, and execution of availability ITP as required by NAVSEA Standard Item 009-67 (Manage Integrated Total Ship Testing).

Specific tasks and responsibilities supporting this oversight include:

  • Approves and provides oversight of the contractor’s development and management of the ITP and coordinates with Project Manager to ensure the accurately reflects the AWP and the integrated production schedule.
  • Ensures the ITP is functionally linked to the Integrated Production Schedule.
  • Ensures the ITP is responsive to changes in production schedule such that when production items completion dates change, their associated test dates as well.
  • Ensures the ITP includes all testing for all maintenance activities.
  • Review the Authorized Work Package (AWP) and work specifications to evaluate and ensure that maintenance activities have properly tied work items key events and milestones.
  • Review work specifications to ensure appropriate Work to Test Relationships (WTR) have been developed. This includes work scheduled for contractors, AITs, FMA, Ship’s Force and Naval Shipyard (NSY) work as applicable.
  • Review Hull, Mechanical, Electrical, and C5I system test procedures prior to issuance and after completion of testing.
  • Act as primary POC to collect schedule and testing information from all activities including AITs, FMA, Ship’s Force and NSY. Ensure information is in the ITSTP.
  • Ensure testing is identified and included in Government-furnished information (GFI) to prove satisfactory operation of those equipment/systems not during the availability as well as interface testing for those systems affected by work accomplished during the availability.
  • Ensure tests requiring completion at sea have been identified and included as GFI for inclusion in the ITP and Sea Trials Agenda.
  • Evaluate Test Sequence Networks (TSN) provided by each maintenance activity.
  • Evaluate Test Schedules provided by each maintenance activity and Integrated Test Schedules provided by the Lead Maintenance Activity.
  • Ensure that all maintenance activities update test schedules on a minimum weekly basis and include changes to accommodate production schedule and authorized growth/new work.
  • Ensure that the Integrated Production and Testing Schedules are updated at least weekly.
  • Receive completed test procedures from all maintenance activities and evaluate results for completeness and technical acceptability. Ensure that non-conformances have been documented and action is being taken to resolve or technically adjudicate.
  • Participate in Total Ship Testing Task Group (TSTTG) as outlined in NAVSEA Standard Item 009-67.
  • Act as the Chief Engineer’s designated representative and SME for all issues related to testing as it ties to technical work certification and event readiness evaluation.
  • Provide surface ship availability work certification management and coordination in accordance with JFMM, USFF Command, CNRMC, and directives.
    Specific tasks and responsibilities include:
  • Provide a detailed brief for members of the execution maintenance team, ship’s force, contractors, and other pertinent parties outlining certification process and roles/responsibilities of each signatory.
  • Act as the Chief Engineer’s designated representative and SME for all issues related to technical work certification and key event readiness evaluation and be the project/maintenance teams work certification SME.
  • Coordinate the completion of the availability completion certification process and signature sheets in accordance with JFMM and work test certification guidance.
  • Collect all certification documentation into an availability certification book.
  • Present the availability certification book to the Chief Engineer in support of key certification events.
  • Verify that the availability Master Requirements List (MRL) and Event Readiness List (ERL) are updated by the Lead Maintenance activity (LMA) provided to the Project/Maintenance Teams.
  • Develop and distribute weekly a ship specific work certification status report(s).
  • Participate in all Integrated Project Team Development (IPTD) meetings (both in advance planning, execution and post availability) as the team’s subject matter expert on Test and Work Certification.
  • Provide written/oral debriefs to the ship’s Commanding Officer (CO), Chief Engineer, or other designated personnel. The contractor shall draft naval messages, letters, or other correspondence when required.
  • Represent at meetings, conferences, etc., and provide feedback to the code on content and results.
  • SECURITY: The minimum level of security required is SECRET.



The ideal candidate will have qualified and demonstrated relevant experiences with USN Surface Navy maintenance in order to provide technical support and engineering services. This position(s) requires the individual to perform engineering/technical services, monitoring and reporting during CNO availability planning and execution and during continuous maintenance events. Perform engineering/technical services, monitoring and reporting in support of deployment, assessment and INSURV events. You will perform engineering/data analysis in support of modernization, assessment, maintenance, or repair of surface ship equipment.

This position requires the candidate to monitor technical authority compliance during the planning and execution of surface ship maintenance, assessment, repair, and modernization work and provide recommendations to the client for consideration and their approval. The candidate at times will be required to generate technical and status reports which must be factually accurate and complete, reflect high quality, adhere to due dates and deadlines, be innovative, and use technological techniques to increase efficiency. This position will require the candidate to go aboard various ships pier side and in industrial facilities to perform the responsibilities which could include entering confined spaces, climbing/descending vertical ladders, be in hot, dirty and loud environments.  Travel may be required based upon the client’s request. You must be able to obtain and maintain a SECRET security clearance and maintain a valid Passport.


The Full Time QAS will provide support as follows:

  • Continually monitor and evaluate the performance of government contractors in accordance with JFMM, CNRMC, requirements using Contract Administration Quality Assurance Program (CAQAP) elements.
  • Must be qualified and/or certified to conduct non-nuclear Non-Destructive Test (NDT) inspections in accordance with NAVSEA requirements.
  • Review ship specification documents for quality assurance, welding, and NDT requirements to be applied to contract.
  • Develop and oversee Quality Management Plans for each contract based on Quality Data Evaluations of previous contractor performance.
  • Generate corrective action reports (CARs) for non-conformance/non-compliance to contract and NAVSEA requirements.
  • Develop weekly reports to include project status using JFMM elements.
  • Develop test and inspection plans to ensure Government contractors are performing required work based on risk, criticality of work, and past contractor performance.
  • Must have the ability to perform quality audits of internal processes and contractor processes in accordance with ISO standards.
  • Must have be certified to perform preservation coatings inspections (NACE or NBPI), or the ability to be certified to perform these inspections.
  • Must have the ability to gain access to the Navy Maintenance Database (NMD).
  • SECURITY: The minimum level of security required is SECRET.


Performs a wide array of administrative, record keeping and updating, and manpower assignment functions. These functions will be specifically in the area of tracking, assignment, execution, and reporting of casualty report (CASREP) and automated work request (AWR) resolution functions.

Support will include the actions and responsibilities listed below:

  • Compiling data into comprehensible basic reports and spreadsheets used by a variety of both military and civilian organizations during meetings and conferences. Sources of information include but are not limited to the Navy Maintenance Database (NMD); web-based personnel database applications such as Tech Assist and Scheduling System (TAAS-INFO) and Maintenance Figure of Merit (MFOM); SQL-based Microsoft Access Databases and applications; server-based share point and share drive applications and files.
  • Clerical duties including: transcription and typing of inter/intra-office reports and email correspondence; Scheduling and participating in meetings and teleconferences; processing TAAS-INFO jobs personnel regarding ship equipment repair and fleet technical support.
  • Provide accurate tracking of CASREP statuses for all jobs. Also communicate with other regional maintenance centers (RMCs) in order to provide seamless transitions of CASREP and job handling between Areas of Responsibility.

  • The contractor must have knowledge and/or experience in the following: MS Office software; DoD classification derivation policies; DoD cyber-security policies and procedures; Joint Fleet Maintenance Manual (JFMM) CASREP handling procedures contained in COMUSFLTFORCOMINST 4790.3.

  • SECURITY: The minimum level of security required is SECRET.



The Full-Time Engineering Technicians will provide subject matter expert (SME) support for assessments, technical assistance, and industrial availability depot level engineering work in the areas of Auxiliary Systems, Hydraulic Systems and Main Reduction Gear research analysis and evaluation for various sections of Naval vessels. These SMEs are expected to perform troubleshooting, diagnose, conduct engineering evaluation of root causes of failures, and develop technical guidance documentation for ships based on acceptable and approved technical standards and policies. SMEs are accountable to the Chief Engineer for technical compliance issues.

  • Upon completion of each ship visit provide a written visit debrief/report to the Government SME point of contact below.
  • May represent when tasked, at conferences, seminars, etc. and shall report results to the Technical Point of Contact (TPOC) or to another Government POC as directed.
  • Provide on-the-job training to Ship’s Force during any shipboard evolutions.
  • SECURITY: The minimum level of security required is SECRET.



This is a full time shore side position located in Norfolk, VA supporting the US NAVY.

The candidate will have demonstrated direct experiences and knowledge in shipboard power generation and distribution. In addition to a working knowledge of shipboard electrical systems, the individual will possess troubleshooting and analytical capabilities to assess degraded systems and or equipment and offer corrective actions to restore system and equipment to fully operational status. The work environment includes onboard US Navy ships engineering spaces located pier side, in local industrial availabilities and while the ships are underway.

The candidate must be able to obtain and maintain a Secret Clearance. Be available for local and international travel.


Duties include programmatic support, analysis, monitoring and reporting of pre-deployment CASREPs, Fleet Material Readiness, Fleet Technical Support, surface ship assessment planning and execution, INSURV inspections, CNO availability planning and execution, pre-deployment maintenance availability planning and execution, deployed CASREPs, and INSURV results.

The ideal Candidate for this opening will:

  • Provide programmatic, technical and engineering services with technical and programmatic support to accomplish fleet material readiness analysis, monitoring, and reporting during U.S. Navy surface ship operational and maintenance periods.
  • As identified, provide/act as peer level counterpart managers for each requirement as necessary.
  • Provide direct technical and programmatic support for all issues related to surface ship material condition readiness, assessments, maintenance availability planning, maintenance availability execution, fleet technical assistance, and waterfront technical authority.
  • Provide current subject matter expertise to understand and recommend process improvements for DON, NAVSEA and CNRMC instructions and policies as applicable to the Engineering Department.
  • Have the validated capability and experience with ships operations and availability planning and execution to provide programmatic representation for Engineering Department Availability Support Division Head and other senior Engineering Department managers [e.g. Chief Engineer), Department Head, other Division Heads at meetings, training, special projects and working groups as assigned.
  • Be comfortable with public speaking in various forums and is a vetted representative of Engineering Department senior leadership and must have an expert knowledge level of the topics presented.
  • US NAVY shipboard experience in maintenance procedures and application as well as availability planning and execution is preferable.


The candidate will be responsible to perform onboard structural and corrosion assessment of intake and updates onboard Norfolk assigned vessels. The purpose of these assessment is to assist in developing future availability work packages for those ships assessed. Additional responsibilities will include monitoring local maintenance activities production efforts in the performance of the statement of work(s) contracted as requested. Working knowledge of intakes and uptakes is required. Mandatory Technical Requirements and Assessment tasking work notifications is required. Must be familiar with SURFEMPP roles and responsibilities, BAWPs/AWPs, TASS and associated maintenance support tools. Working level functionality in Microsoft Office suite is required. Previous experience in structural and corrosion assessments is desired. Locations in performance of this position includes, Naval Station Norfolk, VA (pier side and in LF-18), at various local maintenance providers (shipyards) and possible overseas locations where Norfolk homeported ships are operating. A Secret security clearance is required for this position.


This candidate will provide Full-Time Onsite Support for Tanks/Structural assessments onboard various USN ship classes. The applicant shall provide technical assistance, assessment, corrective actions and groom support as tasked for the department cognizant shipboard equipment. The applicant shall conduct cold checks of equipment condition and parameters for out of specification settings. The individual will observe operation of the equipment by ship’s force to witness the full range of performance, where possible. Appropriate measuring equipment will be used to obtain data for evaluation. They will evaluate the findings of the cold checks and operational checks and oversee ships force accomplishment of adjustments and repairs to the maximum extent possible during the time available. Upon completion of each ship visit provide a written visit debrief/report to the SMEPOC. Represent the Department when tasked, at conferences, seminars etc. and shall report results to the SMEPOC. Provide on the job training during any shipboard evolution’s.

General requirements

Demonstrate a working knowledge of Navy assessment programs, visit processes and reporting methods for visits. Ability to utilize computers including Microsoft Office suite for compiling information for reports and history files and transfer digital pictures from cameras to computer and enhance as required and label them for reports. Ability to utilize standard tools to obtain objective quality evidence to document deteriorated conditions. Ability to document all findings and recommended corrective actions into approved navy databases (i.e. 3M or CADET). Structural and Corrosion – Spaces/Compartments and Topside support: Minimum of eight (8) years general experience with the installation, repair, testing and maintenance of spaces, compartments and topside areas of naval vessels. Experience in the assessment, repair and maintenance of spaces, compartments and topside areas on US naval vessels. Minimum of eight (8) years of specialized hands-on experience performing CG 47 Class Superstructure Inspections conducting of Level II inspections IAW Naval Ships Technical Manual Chapter 100 and Corrosion Control Assessment and Maintenance Manual (CCAMM) rev.3. Minimum of eight (8) years experiences with CG structural SHIPALTs as they relate to topside structural inspections of CG class ships and crack repair. Minimum of eight (8) years experiences with Aluminum Welding techniques for crack repairs. Must have current (within eight (8) years) hands-on experience with these items. Additionally the candidate shall have and maintain a valid CPR Certification from a Nationally Accepted organization and shall have and maintain a valid Passport. Local and potential OCONUS travel is required with written permission from the customer.


Senior surface ship engineering or combat systems technician to provide support for Work Specification and Process Review Branch, Chief Engineer, and Engineering Department.

Essential Responsibilities

  • Assist the Engineering Department Chief Engineer with analytic and evaluative work, problem resolution and direct support in a variety of administrative areas to include investigate and provide recommended solutions to problems related to program / project processes and procedures, monitor project expenditures (labor and non-labor), develop schedules for accomplishing work and assuring timely and efficient interface with work schedules.
  • Perform research using publications, drawings, instructions and conduct studies and/or research projects as assigned.
  • Assist in the tracking and development of solutions required to address technical investigation, root cause analysis and studies of complex technical problems in relation to maintenance, repair and modernization issues.
  • Assist the Engineering Chief Engineer in the development and issuance of Technical Memorandums of Agreement (MOA), Technical Command Instructions and the conversion of selected FTSD Planning Chapters and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).
  • Maintains an audit follow-up system for processing internal audit reports.

Minimum Requirements

Vocational/technical training beyond high school and at least twelve (12) years of job-related experience within the last 25 years in the operation, repair and maintenance of naval or marine propulsion and auxiliary systems. A Minimum of six (6) of those years must have been in a position of team leader or coordinator over a subordinate work force involved in the physical maintenance and report of mechanical equipment or systems. Minimum of eight (8) years general experience with the surface ship HM&E repair, installation, operation, testing and maintenance
Requires current Secret Security Clearance

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We are a woman-owned small business (WOSB) with headquarters located in Chesapeake, Virginia. We specialize in providing senior-level and mid-level maintenance management to both commercial and government customers.

Established in 2012, Invictus Associates, LLC

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Contact Us

We look forward to hearing from you. Please contact us with your questions, concerns, or comments via the form below. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

We are a woman-owned small business (WOSB) with headquarters located in Chesapeake, Virginia. We specialize in providing senior-level and mid-level maintenance management to both commercial and government customers.

Established in 2012, Invictus Associates, LLC